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BEC is a non-basic course in English. This institution is located on Jl. Pelem No.8 Pelem Village, Pare, Kediri, East Java.
Actually there are many course institutions lined that teaches English language skills, but BEC is the forerunner of all the course institutions existing in Pare. BEC was established by Mr. Kalend on June 15th, 1977. BEC was originally established to help some students who have difficulty understanding English texts. He obtain English language skills thanks to the guidance of the late Ustadz Yazid, manager of Pondok Pesantren Darul Falah, who is also an expert Pare reputedly mastered eight languages and foreign languages. Now after 28 years running BEC grows into the largest institutions in Pare courses with students up to 800 people every 6 month. They don’t only from Kediri and surrounding areas, but come from all over Indonesia. Uniquely, the hook students from outside the island Mr. Kalend not use a promotion or advertisement. Just through an intermediary, the alumni institutions of the course. They talked to their counterparts from mouth to mouth.


BEC has 10 classrooms, cooperative, musholla, room for speech, room for drama. There is a Garden Hall in the BEC. Garden Hall is named, because the first is a garden. Garden Hall is used for a big reunion of alumni of BEC Pare on every 5th of Shawwal. And there is no canteen in there. BEC does not provide dormitories for their students, but many residents who provide lodging.


There are three programs learned of the BTC (Basic Training Class), CTC (Candidate of Training Class), and TC (Training Class).
• BTC (Basic Training Class) taken within one month, and at the end of the month will be tested for entering the CTC program.
• CTC (candidate of the training class) taken within two months, and at the end of the second month will be tested for entering the TC program (final program)
• TC (training class) is the final program that is within three months to determine graduation. At the end of the third month of the final exam is held.
The students will get the certificate after have completed all of programs learned.
Currently, students BEC reached 600 people. They were studied for six months in BEC. But, within six months does not guarantee they graduate. If students are caught in the fourth month don’t using English in the location of BEC, sanctions are expelled.

Not only that, when the exam at the tourist sites of Borobudur Temple, Central Java, students must actively speak to tourists in the English language. Silent, or just playing around, certainly didn’t pass.
BEC has three branches, namely HEC 1, HEC 2, and EECC. Basic English Course (BEC) has been known to spawn high quality graduates. They were able to speak English fluently. Until now the graduates have reached more than 18.000 people.

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